Technical Details

CAPACITY - 1990 Fully Seated

CAPACITY - 2000 Reserve Upstairs & General Admission Downstairs



  • Staff
  • Front of house staff, Theatre Manager, Fireperson, Security (if required)
  • Electrician, overtime after 11pm, Loading and oncosts including Working cover insurance and Superannuation etc. on all staff wages.
  • Power consumption - Stage use as per meter.
  • Cleaning cost
  • Labour to remove downstairs chairs (if required )
  • Telephone calls (if any)
  • Damage (if any)
  • GST (@10%) applicable on the above services.

Concert normal finishing time is 11pm. Additional charges will be incurred beyond this time. Hire cost for multiple nights or reduced seating mode is negotiable.

PLEASE NOTE: No productions cost in quote eg: House Rigger and House Follow Spot and Operators, PA, Lights, Loading etc.

Power & Lighting Configurations

On stage 240 volt 3 phase
Stage left 1 x 200 amp bare ends (number 5 lugs supplied )
1 x 60 amp bare ends or 2 x 30 amp Wilco plugs
1 x 30 amp bare ends or 30 amp Wilco plugs

House Electrician
Additional Power - Pad transformer outside theatre 45' /13.72m from stage.

Mixing Desk Riser
Riser built into tiered seating at rear of seating at rear of stalls 68'6"/ 20.9m from stage. Riser size 15'6" (4.7m ) x 6' ( 2 m ) x 18"m ( 0.45 m ) with House Light control and 240 volt 10 amp power supply. Width of riser can be increased but seats are lost off plan. If required riser can be removed to allow desk to be at floor level. Extension by putting racks etc. Under tiered seats behind riser.

Follow-spot Positions
Bio Box 140' / 42.67m from stage. You will need to use House Spots or Long Throw Spots.

House Spots
2 Carbon Ark Supply Troupers
Spot Operation - Theatre to supply if using House Spots.

Total 4 points 1 x stage left, 1 x stage right, 1 x mixing desk, 1 x Bio ( follow spot position ) Head sets and units not supplied.

Stage Specifications

Stage Dimensions
  • Width 56' / 17.3m
  • Depth 38' /11.6m (front of stage to back wall )
  • - 26' /7.95 ( Pro Arch to back wall )
  • Height 31' /6.4
  • Height 21' /6.4
  • Width 35'7"/10.85m
  • Depth 3'6 /1.1m

Front curtain located at Pro Arch manual action operation from stage left and travels left and right. As the stage has been extended in the front of the Pro Arch, there are wedge- shape wings 11'x 8'6" /3.3m x 2.6m (see plain )

  • Stage to tiered seats 68'6" /20.9m
  • Width Balcony to Balcony 64' /19.5m
  • Front Box to Front Box 55' /16.7m
  • Wall to Wall 77' /23.45m

Foyer Areas

Thebarton Theatre has four main foyer areas.

  • Main Bar - full bar facilities
  • Front Bar - full bar facilities with seating
  • Sunken Lounge - intimate lower lounge area
  • Family Area - no bar facilities, confectionary bar

Backstage & Dressing Rooms

Equipment Access

Rear Load-in: Load in dock straight onto stage, sliding door
Door Height off ground level 4'9"/1.45m
Width 9'2" / 2.8m
Depth 12'/3.65m
Door size Width 8'2.5"/2.5m
Height 8'2.5"/2.5m
Auditorium Level. Auditorium at street level and all exists have ramps
Access though east side off carpark - 2 door
On stage ( Pro Arch to back wall )
Support frame 30' x 15'/9.14m rated at 500kg
Stage left - Hoisting beam at 2 tonne
Stage right - Hoisting beam rated at 2 tonne
Hoisting beams are 40'/12.19m apart running 23'/7.92m upstage / downstage ( from Pro Arch to back wall ). Trusses hang from these - beans must be no less than 1 40'/12.19m span.