Ahh you’re after the important info. We like you! There are 5 bars in our gorgeous theatre to make sure you can get your drinks and head into what the night is really about – the show! Supplied by crowd favourites Coopers and Coke, we have a range of beers, wine, spirits, pre-mixes and soft drinks for you to enjoy.

THE MAIN BAR is a place we all know and love. She’s dependable, fully stocked with drinks & nibbles, and has decades of experience serving you.

THE HISTORY BAR is a classy guy who loves his memorabilia. Soak in Thebby’s 90-year history while you are served a crisp pale ale or refreshing Jim and Coke.

THE FOYER BAR is the place to be if the Main Bar is getting too much attention. She can offer you most of what the Main Bar can, but likes a more intimate setting. The Foyer Bar is located next to the Cloakroom to maximise your entrance efficiency.

THE EAST BAR is where you take your night out to the next level. With outdoor seating and a fully-stocked bar creates the perfect pre-gig atmosphere.

THEBBY LANE is the hipster kid with old posters plastered on the wall, festoon lighting, and our designated smoking area. This great host is ready to welcome you into a good night with his own entry from Henley Beach Rd.

Please note: the number of bars open for any concert is dependent on ticket sales and subject to change. The Main Bar will always be open and ready to refresh you.