Welcome to Thebarton Theatre!
Thebby is one of the most well-loved venues in Australia. With her charm, character, world-renowned lighting and SA State Heritage significance, Thebby provides an atmosphere and energy like no other. Check out what’s on, her history, hiring details and all the info you need to have the best night at Thebby.


The upcoming renovations at Thebarton Theatre are set to breathe new life into our beloved Adelaide landmark while preserving its historical essence. These changes will enrich the venue’s offerings, create new opportunities for artists, and provide audiences with unforgettable experiences. Thebarton Theatre’s journey toward renovation is a testament to its enduring commitment to the arts, culture, and the community it serves.

“Thebby represents the heart and soul of the music industry”

– John Schumann



EMAIL: admin@thebartontheatre.com.au
PHONE: 08 8443 5255
ADDRESS: 112 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville SA 5031