The stats on King Gizzard’s colourful career are stacking up fast: 16 albums in 8 years (including five in 2017 alone), 10 of them charting in the Top 20 in Australia, where they are now arguably the country’s most innovative, important and productive rock band. International critical acclaim. Headline festival appearances. And perhaps most importantly, a fervent worldwide fanbase who share endless memes, mixes, videos, graphics, theories and discussions, all through which they explore and expand what they have termed ‘The Gizzverse’.

Post-apocalyptic acid punk disco scuzzheads TFS were formed in 2017 after Gareth and Fiona’s band the Drones went on a vacation. They’ve made two records (2018’s A Laughing Death In Meatspace and 2019’s Braindrops) with Lauren Hammel on drums and Erica Dunn on guitar. They toured non stop all over the world until covid put an end to all that.

One of the qualities that sets Tropical Fuck Storm apart from their peers and often formidable influences, such as Captain Beefheart, Birthday Party and even early Talking Heads, is their commitment to building songs on the weirdest possible grooves. It’s not so much a feature as a foundational premise of the band. They’re groovy in a way that catches the blues by surprise and shifts it to an alternate, heretofore-unheard tempo that picks up and winds down at will.

What makes Tropical Fuck Storm as vital as they are unsettling is how well their songs, which often seem chaotic, fractured, and as brutal as the subjects they consider, speak to the currents of our contemporary worry. They’re making a strange sort of musical magic, to be sure. But they’re also demanding that we confront a world where change isn’t necessarily gonna come.


Wednesday 31 March 2021
8:00 pm


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